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I-SPACE: 5-Wall Cave Automated Virtual Environment (CAVE)


CeDInt has recently completed the installation of the I-SPACE infrastructure, a Cave Automated Virtual Environmentof 5 rear projection screens arranged in CUBE (three walls, floor and ceiling) and which, in combination with the Stereo Active Infitec + projection technology, provide an advanced fully immersive 3D visualization experience.

Components of the 5-Wall CAVETM in CeDInt


The CAVETM infrastructure comprises the following components:

  • 5 multichannel rear-projection screens: frontal + 2 lateral + ceiling + floor (4:3 format, 3.20 x 2.40 m). 
  • 5 high resolution 3D projectors / video systems, 3D BARCO Galaxy 12 HB+ with DLPTM  technology, native resolution SXGA+, 12000 ANSI lumens of brightness and contrast.
  • 6 HPxw8600 workstation in cluster configuration with: 2 Intel Xeon X5472, 3.00GHz, 12MB of cache, 8GB ECC DDR2 800MHz RAM, 300GB HDD SAS 3Gb / s 15K rpm, Graphics CardnVidia Quadro FX5800 PCIe with 4.0GB of memory, DVD + /-RW 16x LightScribe, 5751 NetXtreme network card, 1Gibabit, Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer audio card, and Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Pro x64-bit.
  • Tracking System and interaction devices: stereoscopic glasses Infitec ® deLuxe, Flystick for first person navigation, ARTtracking optical tracking with 6 degrees of freedom (position and orientation), four cameras equipped with CCD image sensors operating in the spectrum of near infrared light and two reference systems.
  • Surrounding audio system based on technology 5.1.
  • Virtual environment development platform.
  • Ultra high network connectivity.

Researchers of the Virtual Reality Group of CeDInt in the CAVETM

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