Funding Entity: 

This project belongs to the plan “VI Plan naciones de I+D+i “and was financed by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (2008-2010).

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 1 January 2008
Development of anamorphic optical systems with image formation.

Development and analysis of a novel method for the design of anamorphic optical surfaces in the field of imaging optics.  This method is based on the SMS3D design process.


The DEFFIO Project tries to overcome the main limitation that the present design methods have, that is, it will create a direct design method of multiple anamorphic surfaces.  The aim is to develop and validate a novel method for the design of anamorphic optical surfaces that belong to the field of image optics.  This method is based on the well-known design method Simultaneous Multiple Surface (SMS) for three dimensions.

A new prototype for imaging purposes will be designed using the SMS3D method; it will be later tested with different ray light simulation programs and manufactured. Furthermore, the viability of its mass-production will be studied. Finally, it will be defined and carried out a characterization procedure in order to evaluate the quality of the anamorphic surfaces previously obtained.

The final purpose is to obtain a wide variety of novel anamorphic optical devices, creating an applied design procedure of special importance in the communications and electronic technology field.