Application of the computational theory of perceptions to human gait pattern recognition

Descripción (resumen): 

This paper aims to contribute to the field of human gait pattern recognition by providing a solution based on the computational theory of perceptions. Our model differs significantly from others, e.g., based on machine learning techniques, because we use a linguistic model to represent the subjective designer's perceptions of the human gait process. This model is easily understood and provides good results. We include a practical demonstration with an equal error rate of 3%.

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Revistas JRC-SCI
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Pattern Recognition Vol.43, N.7 (2010), p.p. 2572-2581 
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
Fecha de Publicacion: 
Julio 2010
Otros Autores: 
Gracian Trivino; Alberto Alvarez-Alvareza