Next Generation of Energy Residential Gateways for Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing

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Predictions about electric energy needs, based on current electric energy models, forecast that the global energy consumption on Earth for 2050 will double present rates. Using distributed procedures for control and integration, the expected needs can be halved. Therefore implementation of Smart Grids is necessary. Interaction between final consumers and utilities is a key factor of future Smart Grids. This interaction is aimed to reach efficient and responsible energy consumption. Energy Residential Gateways (ERG) are new in-building devices that will govern the communication between user and utility and will control electric loads. Utilities will offer new services empowering residential customers to lower their electric bill. Some of these services are Smart Metering, Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing. This paper presents a practical development of an ERG for residential buildings.

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ICCE 2011 - International Conference on Consumer Electronics Las Vegas, USA. Proceedings of ICCE- IEEE 2011, pp. 543-544
Eficiencia energética - Internet de las cosas
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Enero 2011
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A. Cuevas