Analytic free-form lens design in 3D: coupling three ray sets using two lens surfaces. 

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The two-dimensional analytic optics design method presented in a previous paper [Opt. Express 20, 5576–5585 (2012)] is extended in this work to the three-dimensional case, enabling the coupling of three ray sets with two free-form lens surfaces. Fermat’s principle is used to deduce additional sets of functional differential equations which make it possible to calculate the lens surfaces. Ray tracing simulations demonstrate the excellent imaging performance of the resulting free-form lenses described by more than 100 coefficients.

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JRC-SCI Magazine
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Optics Express Vol.20, 9  p.p. 10839-10846
Ingeniería óptica
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Abril 2012
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Fabian Duerr, Youri Meuret, and Hugo Thienpont