Aplanatic thin TIR lens

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Aplanatic designs present great interest in the optics field since they are free from spherical aberration and linear coma at the axial direction. Nevertheless nowadays it cannot be found on literature any thin aplanatic design based on a lens. This work presents the first aplanatic thin lens (in this case a dome-shaped faceted TIR lens performing light collimation), designed for LED illumination applications. This device, due to its TIR structure (defined as an anomalous microstructure as we will see) presents good color-mixing properties. We will show this by means of raytrace simulations, as well as high optical efficiency.

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Optical Design and Engineering V Barcelona, España. Procc. SPIE Vol. 8550 85502U-85502U-8
ISBN-10: 0819493023 ISBN-13: 978-0819493026
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Noviembre 2012
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