A comparative study on unconstrained hand biometrics

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Biometrics applied to mobile devices are of great interest for security applications. Daily scenarios can benefit of a combination of both the most secure systems and most simple and extended devices. This document presents a hand biometric system oriented to mobile devices, proposing a non-intrusive, contact-less acquisition process where final users should take a picture of their hand in free-space with a mobile device without removals of rings, bracelets or watches. The main contribution of this paper is threefold: firstly, a feature extraction method is proposed, providing invariant hand measurements to previous changes; second contribution consists of providing a template creation based on hand geometric distances, requiring information from only one individual, without considering data from the rest of individuals within the database; finally, a proposal for template matching is proposed, minimizing the intra-class similarity and maximizing the inter-class likeliness. The proposed method is evaluated using three publicly available contact-less, platform-free databases. In addition, the results obtained with these databases will be compared to the results provided by two competitive pattern recognition techniques, namely Support Vector Machines (SVM) and k-Nearest Neighbour, often employed within the literature. Therefore, this approach provides an appropriate solution to adapt hand biometrics to mobile devices, with an accurate results and a non-intrusive acquisition procedure which increases the overall acceptance from the final user.

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International Conference on Hand-Based Biometrics (ICHB), 2011 Hong Kong, China. Hand-Based Biometrics (ICHB), 2011 International Conference on p.p. 1-6 DOI: 10.1109/ICHB.2011.6094312
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Noviembre 2011
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