Design, manufacturing and measurements of a metal-less V-groove RXI collimator

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A metal-less RXI collimator has been designed. Unlike to the conventional RXI collimators, whose back surface and central part of the front surface have to be metalized, this collimator does not include any mirrored surface. The back surface is designed as a grooved surface providing two TIR reflections for all rays impinging on it. The main advantage of the presented design is lower manufacturing cost since there is no need for the expensive process of metalization. Also, unlike to the conventional RXI collimators this design performs good colour mixing. The first prototype of V-groove RXI collimator has been made of PMMA by direct cutting using a five axis diamond turning machine. The experimental measurements of the first prototype are presented.

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Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration VIII San Diego, CA (USA). Proceedings SPIE Vol. 8124
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Agosto 2011
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C. Cocho