The dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler concentrator

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Manufacturing tolerances, along with a high concentration ratio, are key issues in order to obtain cheap CPV systems for mass production. Consequently, this manuscript presents a novel tolerant and cost effective concentrator optic: the domed-shaped Fresnel-Köhler, presenting a curved Fresnel lens as Primary Optical Element (POE). This concentrator is based on two previous successful CPV designs: the FK concentrator, based on a flat Fresnel lens, and the dome-shaped Fresnel lens system developed by Daido Steel, resulting on a superior concentrator. The manuscript shows outstanding simulation results for geometrical concentration factor of Cg = 1,230xCg = 1,230x : high tolerance and high optical efficiency, achieving acceptance angles of 1.18° (dealing to a CAP*=0.72) and efficiencies over 85% (without any anti-reflective coating). Moreover, Köhler integration provides good irradiance uniformity on the cell surface without increasing system complexity by means of any extra element. Daido Steel advanced technique for demolding injected plastic pieces will allow for easy manufacture of the dome-shaped POE of DFK concentrator.

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8th International Conference on Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems Toledo (España). AIP Conf. Proc. 1477, pp. 69-72
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Abril 2012
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Y. Li, K. Araki,