Experimental Evidence for Super-resolution in the Spherical Geodesic Waveguide

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The previous publications (Miñano et al, 2011 and Gonzalez et al, 2012) have shown that using a Spherical Geodesic Waveguide (SGW) it can be achieved the super-resolution up to λ/3000, which is far below the classic Abbe diffraction limit, close to a set of discrete microwave frequencies. The SGW was designed and simulated in COMSOL as a thin geodesic waveguide bounded by an ideal and lossless metal. Herein we present the experimental results for a manufactured SGW, slightly modified due to fabrication requirements, showing the super-resolution up to λ/105.

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Metamaterials 2013 Bordeaux, France. 24243
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Septiembre 2013
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J. Carbonell, J. Sánchez-Dehesa