Foundations of a New Interaction Paradigm for Immersive 3D Multimedia

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Immersion and interaction have been identified as key factors influencing the quality of experience in stereoscopic video systems. The work presented here aims to create a new paradigm for 3D Multimedia consumption exploiting these factors in order to increase user involvement. We use a 5-sided CAVETM environment to support 3D panoramic video reproduction, real-time insertion of synthetic objects into the three-dimensional scene and real-time user interaction with the inserted elements. In this paper we describe our system requirements, functionalities, conceptual design and preliminary implementation results emphasizing the most relevant challenges accomplished. The focus is on three main issues: the generation of stereoscopic video panoramas; the synchronous reproduction of immersive 3D video across multiple screens; and, the real-time insertion algorithm implemented for the integration of synthetic objects into the stereoscopic video. These results have been successfully integrated into the graphic engine managing the operation of the CAVETM infrastructure.

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2012 Networked Electronic Media (NEM) Summit. Implementing future media Internet towards new horizons Istanbul (Turkey). pp. 127-134
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Octubre 2012
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