Improving performances of Fresnel CPV systems: Fresnel-RXI Köhler concentrator  

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The optical design presented here has been done in order to achieve superior optical performance in comparison with the state-of-the-art Fresnel CPV systems. The design consists of a Photovoltaic Concentrator (CPV) comprising a Fresnel lens (F) as a Primary Optical Element (POE) and a dielectric solid RXI as a Secondary Optical Element (SOE), both with free-form surfaces (i.e. neither rotational nor linearly symmetric). It is the first time the RXI-type geometry has been applied to a CPV secondary. This concentrator has ultra-high CAP value ready to accommodate more efficient cells eventually to be developed and used commercially in future.

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JRC-SCI Magazine
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Optics Express Vol. 22,  S2, pp. A205-A210
Ingeniería óptica
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Enero 2014
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Julio Chaves