Lighting technology 

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For more than 100 years, modern society’s diurnal rhythm has been artificially extended with the aid of various illuminants. However, artificial lighting is tampering with human biorhythms and with the biosphere in general. From the economic point of view, additional lighting at night causes enormous costs and is responsible for using up a massive percentage of the world’s energy resources. During recent years, development trends in the field of LED technology have paved the way for novel concepts impacting on the subject of light. In this way, the abovementioned issues can be greatly reduced resulting in a better balance between the environment and human needs

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Not Indexed Magazine
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Advanced Optical Technologies, Vol 2, N 4 pp 289
ISSN (Online) 2192-8584,     ISSN (Print) 2192-8576
Ingeniería óptica
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Agosto 2013
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Roland Lachmayer