MDL: A Module Description Language for Chained Heterogeneous Modular Robots

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This paper presents the new concept of a description language for modular robots called module description language (MDL). A specific implementation of this concept has been designed and tested to describe the capabilities of modules of a chained heterogeneous robot (both from the point of view of movements and tasks it can perform). Thanks to MDL each module is able to report dynamically what is able to do (capabilities like rotate, extend, push forward, measure temperature or distance) to other modules or to a central control, and it is also possible to set up new actions for the whole robot, like combined movements. The description of current capabilities of modules allows the robot to react to failures at runtime.

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2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biometrics (IEEE-ROBIO 2011) Phuket Island, Thailand. IEEE Conference Publications 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biometrics, 2011, pp. 2706 - 2711
Eficiencia energética - Internet de las cosas
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Diciembre 2011
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M. Hernando, E. Gambao, JE. Torres, A. Castro-González.