Mobile gaming: Industry challenges and policy implications

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Mobile games are a prime example of a successful mobile application and demonstrate the increasing range of platforms for the media and entertainment industries. Against this convergent background, this paper introduces the basic features of the mobile gaming market and its industrial ecosystem together with its main actors and activities. The focus of the paper lies in the challenges ahead for the evolution of mobile applications into a potentially dominant game platform and the possible disruptions along this road. The deep personal relationships between users and their mobile devices are considered to further explore the link between mobile games, players’ strategies and pending techno-economic developments. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of some policy options to assist with the development of this domain.

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Revistas JRC-SCI
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Telecommunications Policy Vol. 36, N. 3, p.p. 212-221
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Enero 2012
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Jose Luis Gomez-Barroso, Juan Miguel Aguado, Sergio Ramos