Novel lateral moving tracking optics with the SMS desing method

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Lateral moving optics along straight path has already been studied in the past. However, their relative small angular range can be a limitation to potential applications. In this work, a new design concept of SMS moving optics is developed, in which the movement is no longer lateral but follows a curved trajectory, which is calculated in the design process. We have chosen an afocal system, which aim to direct the parallel rays of large incident angles to parallel output rays, and we have obtained that the RMS of the divergence angle of the output rays remains below 1 degree within a input angular range of ±45 output. Potential applications of this beam-steering device are: skylights to provide steerable natural illumination, building integrated CPV systems, and steerable LED illumination.

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Optical Design and Engineering V Barcelona, España. Procc. SPIE Vol. 8550 pp.85502J--85502J-9
ISBN-10: 0819493023 ISBN-13: 978-0819493026
Ingeniería óptica
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Noviembre 2012
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