Optical design through optimization for rectangular apertures using freeform orthogonal polynomials: a case study

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Several applications of freeform optics call for deeper analysis of systems with rectangular apertures. We study the behavior of a freeform mirror system by comparing four orthogonal polynomial surface representations through local optimization. We compare polynomials with different orthogonal areas (rectangular-circular) and different metrics (sag-gradient). Polynomials orthogonal inside a rectangle converge faster or to a better local minimum than those orthogonal inside a circle in the example considered. This is the most likely due to the loss of the good properties of orthogonality when the orthogonality area does not coincide with the surface area used.

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JRC-SCI Magazine
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OPTICAL ENGINEERING , Vol. 55, no. 7, pp.: 071204-1--071204-6
Ingeniería óptica
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Julio 2016
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