Performance of UV-enhanced PMMA Fresnel Lenses and Impact on LCOE

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Tiny increases in the transmittance of optical materials within a CPV module can have an important impact on the economy of a plant. This is certainly true in systems comprising multi-junction solar cells, whose high performance, based on a balanced photocurrent generation among the series-connected junctions, is very sensitive to spectrum variations. Every efficiency point gained causes not only an increase in the kilowatts hour produced, but a higher benefit on it, since the difference between electricity tariff and Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) rises. This work studies the impact on the LCOE of a plant based on modules comprising PMMA lenses of two different types, standard UV blocking grade which is normally used for outdoor applications at high DNI climate and a specialty stabilized UV-enhanced transmittance acrylic (see Figure 1). Energy production will be compared for these two systems throughout the year at different sites to analyze when (season, time of the day) and where the usage of the enhanced PMMA is justified.

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9th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems Miyazaki, Japan. 16464 (Poster Session 1 P53)
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Abril 2013
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P. Battenhausen, J. Chaves, U. Löffler