Photovoltaic performance of the dome-shaped Fresner-Köhler concentrator

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In order to have a cost-effective CPV system, two key issues must be ensured: high concentration factor and high tolerance. The novel concentrator we are presenting, the dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler, can widely fulfill these two and other essential issues in a CPV module. This concentrator is based on two previous successful CPV designs: the FK concentrator with a flat Fresnel lens and the dome-shaped Fresnel lens system developed by Daido Steel, resulting on a superior concentrator. The concentrator has shown outstanding simulation results, achieving an effective concentration-acceptance product (CAP) value of 0.72, and an optical efficiency of 85% on-axis (no anti-reflective coating has been used). Moreover, Köhler integration provides good irradiance uniformity on the cell surface and low spectral aberration of this irradiance. This ensures an optimal performance of the solar cell, maximizing its efficiency. Besides, the dome-shaped FK shows optimal results for very compact designs, especially in the f/0.7-1.0 range. The dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler concentrator, natural and enhanced evolution of the flat FK concentrator, is a cost-effective CPV optical design, mainly due to its high tolerances. Daido Steel advanced technique for demolding injected plastic pieces will allow for easy manufacture of the dome-shaped POE of DFK concentrator.

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High and Low Concentrator Systems for Solar Electric Applications VII San Diego, CA, USA. SPIE Solar Energy+ Technology Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 8468 pp.84680D-84680D-7
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Agosto 2012
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L. Yang, K. Araki