Progress in FK Concentrators

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The Fresnel Köhler (FK) concentrator was first presented in 2008. Since then, various CPV companies have adopted this technology as base for their future commercial product. The key for this rapid penetration is a mixture of simplicity (the FK is essentially a Fresnel lens concentrator, a technology that dominates the market) and excellent performance: high concentration without giving up large manufacturing/aiming tolerances, enabling high efficiency even at the array level. All these features together have a great potential to lower energy costs. This work shows recent results and progress regarding this device, covering new design features, measurements and tests along with first performance achievements at the array level (pilot 6.5 Kwp plant). The work also discusses the potential impact of theFK enhanced performance on the Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE).

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7 International Conference on Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems Las Vegas, USA. 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCENTRATING PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS: CPV-7 Vol. 1407 p.p 270-273 doi:
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Abril 2011
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J. Chaves, V. Vilaplana