Quasi-aplanatic free form V-groove collimators for LED color mixing

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Two quasi-aplanatic free-form solid V-groove collimators are presented in this work. Both optical designs are originally designed using the Simultaneous Multiple Surface method in three dimensions (SMS 3D). The second optically active surface in both free-form V-groove devices is designed a posteriori as a grooved surface. First two mirror (XX) design is designed in order to clearly show the design procedure and working principle of these devices. Second, RXI free-form design is comparable with existing RXI collimators; it is a compact and highly efficient design made of polycarbonate (PC) performing very good colour mixing of the RGGB LED sources placed off-axis. There have been presented rotationally symmetric non-aplanatic high efficiency collimators with colour mixing property to be improved and rotationally symmetric aplanatic devices with good colour mixing property and efficiency to be improved. The aim of this work was to design a free-form device in order to improve colour mixing property of the rotationally symmetric non-aplanatic RXI devices and the efficiency of the aplanatic ones

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Optical Design and Engineering V Barcelona, España. Procc. SPIE Vol. 8550 85502W-85502W
ISBN-10: 0819493023 ISBN-13: 978-0819493026
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Noviembre 2012
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