Real-Time Stress Detection by Means of Physiological Signals

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The incessant demand of security in modern society is requiring a certain effort on providing protected and reliable frames for contemporary scenarios and applications such as bank account access, electronic voting, commerce or border crossing frontiers in airports. Biometrics is of essential importance due to their capability to identify individuals univocally with low rates in false alarms, aiming to avoid the use of passwords, pin-codes or different tokens for personal identification. Instead, biometrics claim to extract precise and unique information from inidividuals based on whether behavioural or physical characteristics. In fact, there are a wide range of possible techniques for biometric identification, whose enumeration is far beyond the scope of this topic.

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Recent Application in Biometrics, p.p. 23-44
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Julio 2011
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