The role of patents in the advent of Web 2.0

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Given the significant impact of Web 2.0-related innovations on new Internet-based initiatives, this paper seeks to identify to what extent the main developments are protected by patents and whether patents have had a leading role in the advent of Web 2.0. The article shows that the number of patent applications filed is not that important for many of the Web 2.0 technologies in frequent use and that, of those filed, those granted are even less. The conclusion is that patents do not seem to be a relevant factor in the development of the Web 2.0 (and more generally in dynamic markets) where there is a high degree of innovation and low entry barriers for newcomers.

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Revistas JRC-SCI
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The Journal of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals Vol. 5 N.3, p.p.10-18
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Enero 2011
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Jose Luis Gomez-Barroso, Sergio Ramos