Secure access control by means of human stress detection

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This paper proposes a stress detection system based on fuzzy logic and the physiological signals heart rate and galvanic skin response. The main contribution of this method relies on the creation of a stress template, collecting the behaviour of previous signals under situations with a different level of stress in each individual. The creation of this template provides an accuracy of 99.5% in stress detection, improving the results obtained by current pattern recognition techniques like GMM, k-NN, SVM or Fisher Linear Discriminant. In addition, this system can be embedded in security systems to detect critical situations in accesses as cross-border control. Furthermore, its applications can be extended to other fields as vehicle driver state-of-mind management, medicine or sport training.

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2011 IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Technology (ICCST 2011) Barcelona, Spain. SECURITY TECHNOLOGY. IEEE INTERNATIONAL CARNAHAN CONFERENCE. 2011. (ICCST 2011) p.p. 251-258
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Octubre 2011
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