A Sequence Alignment Approach Applied to a Mobile Authentication Technique Based on Gestures

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In this paper, a biometric technique based on gesture recognition is proposed to improve the security of operations requiring authentication in mobile phones. Users are authenticated by making a gesture invented by them holding a mobile phone embedding an accelerometer on their hand. An analysis method based on sequence alignment is proposed and evaluated in different experiments. Firstly, a test of distinctiveness of gestures has been proposed obtaining an equal error rate (EER) of 4.98% with a database of 30 users and four repetitions. With the same database, a second experiment representing the unicity of accessing attempts has resulted in an EER value of 1.92%. Finally, a third experiment to evaluate the robustness of the technique has examined a database of 40 users with eight repetitions and real falsification attempts, performed by three impostors from the study of recordings of the carrying out of the original gestures, resulting in an EER of 2.5%.

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Revistas JRC-SCI
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International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Vol:  27, no. 4, 16 pp.
Print ISSN: 0218-0014                      Online ISSN: 1793-6381
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Junio 2013
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