SMS design and aberration theory

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The SMS, Simultaneous Multiple Surfaces, design was born to Nonimaging Optics applications and is now being applied also to Imaging Optics. In this paper the wave aberration function of a selected SMS design is studied. It has been found the SMS aberrations can be analyzed with a little set of parameters, sometimes two. The connection of this model with the conventional aberration expansion is also presented. To verify these mathematical model two SMS design systems were raytraced and the data were analyzed with a classical statistical methods: the plot of discrepancies and the quadratic average error. Both the tests show very good agreement with the model for our systems.

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Optical Design and Engineering V Barcelona, España. Procc. SPIE Vol. 8550 pp. 855010 --855010-7
ISBN-10: 0819493023 ISBN-13: 978-0819493026
Ingeniería óptica
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Noviembre 2012
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F. Corrente, F. Muñoz