Study of the effect of blurriness in image acquisition for Hand Biometrics in Mobile Devices

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This paper presents a study on the effect of blurred images in hand biometrics. Blurred images simulates out-of-focus effects in hand image acquisition, a common consequence of unconstrained, contact-less and platform-free hand biometrics in mobile devices. The proposed biometric system presents a hand image segmentation based on multiscale aggregation, a segmentation method invariant to different changes like noise or blurriness, together with an innovative feature extraction and a template creation, oriented to obtain an invariant performance against blurring effects. The results highlight that the proposed system is invariant to some low degrees of blurriness, requiring an image quality control to detect and correct those images with a high degree of blurriness. The evaluation has considered a synthetic database created based on a publicly available database with 120 individuals. In addition, several biometric techniques could benefit from the approach proposed in this paper, since blurriness is a very common effect in biometric techniques involving image acquisition.

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2011 IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Technology (ICCST 2011) Barcelona, Spain. SECURITY TECHNOLOGY. IEEE INTERNATIONAL CARNAHAN CONFERENCE. 2011. (ICCST 2011) p.p. 236-242
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Octubre 2011
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