Super-resolution properties of the Spherical Geodesic Waveguides using the perfect drain

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Perfect drain for the Maxwell Fish Eye (MFE) is a nonmagnetic dissipative region placed in the focal point to absorb all the incident radiation without reflection or scattering. The perfect drain was recently designed as a material with complex permittivity ? that depends on frequency. However, this material is only a theoretical material, so it can not be used in practical devices. Recently, the perfect drain has been claimed as necessary to achieve super-resolution [Leonhard 2009, New J. Phys. 11 093040], which has increased the interest for practical perfect drains suitable for manufacturing. Here, we analyze the superresolution properties of a device equivalent to the MFE, known as Spherical Geodesic Waveguide (SGW), loaded with the perfect drain. In the SGW the source and drain are implemented with coaxial probes. The perfect drain is realized using a circuit (made of a resistance and a capacitor) connected to the drain coaxial probes. Superresolution analysis for this device is done in Comsol Multiphysics. The results of simulations predict the superresolution up to ? /3000 and optimum power transmission from the source to the drain.

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Dissertation by Invitation
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META’12 CONFERENCE, Paper ID (1050).Paris, France
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Abril 2012
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