Time series distances measures to analyze in-air signatures to authenticate users on mobile phones

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Improving the security of mobile phones is one of the crucial points required to assure the personal information and the operations that can be performed from them. This article presents an authentication procedure consisting of verifying the identity of people by making a signature in the air while holding the mobile phone. Different temporal distance algorithms have been proposed and evaluated through a database of 50 people making their signatures in the air and 6 people trying to forge each of them by studying their records. Approaches based on DTW have obtained better EER results than those based on LCS (2.80% against 3.34%). Besides, different signal normalization methods have been evaluated not finding any with better EER results that when no normalization has carried out.

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2011 IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Technology (ICCST 2011) Barcelona, Spain. SECURITY TECHNOLOGY. IEEE INTERNATIONAL CARNAHAN CONFERENCE. 2011. (ICCST 2011) p.p. 211-217
Biometría bioseñales y seguridad
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Octubre 2011
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