Towards a Flat 45%-Efficient Concentrator Module

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The so-called CCS4FK is an ultra-flat photovoltaic system of high concentration and high efficiency, with potential to convert, ideally, the equivalent of a 45% of direct solar radiation into electricity by optimizing the usage of sun spectrum and by collecting part of the diffuse radiation, as a flat plate does. LPI has recently finished a design based on this concept and is now developing a prototype based on this technology, thanks to the support of FUNDACION REPSOL-Fondo de Emprendedores, which promotes entrepreneur projects in different areas linked to energy. This works shows some details of the actual design and preliminary potential performance expected, according to accurate spectral simulations.

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Other Indexed Magazine (RIND)
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AIP Conference Proceedings. CPV-11, Vol. 1679, 1000021- 100002-5
Ingeniería óptica
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Abril 2015
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Simone Sorgato, Vrije Univ. Brussel, Julio Cesar Pinto Chaves, Hugo Thienpont, Fabian Duerr