What (Smart) Data Visualizations Can Offer to Smart City Science

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In order to ascertain the evolution of the smart city schemes, this dossier of Communications & Strategies assumes that it is timely to gather academic contributions from experts in urban economics, new evidence and thoughts from players involved in the innovative dynamics of cities. The smart city approaches incorporate two different, or even conflicting, aspects. First, smart means open, i.e. placing citizens at the core of the innovation process, when creating new urban services, through ‘living labs’, the development of urban apps or the provision of ‘open data’. But smart also calls for the modernization and optimization of urban services such as transport, energy, culture, etc., through digital ICT technologies. Urbs smartis, quo vadis ?, such is the question asked to experts! With no major surprise, the selected papers confirm both the challenges for smart cities and the proximity of a change in the paradigm in how to approach those challenges.

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Other Indexed Magazine (RIND)
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Communication & Strategies. Nº 96: Challenges and prospects of the SMART CITY. (Digiworld Economic Journal) Vol.96, pp. 89-96
Print: 1157-8637                           Online: 2116-0341
Realidad Virtual/Virtual Reality
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Enero 2014