Virtual Domotic systems: a New 3D Multi-User, Highly Immersive and Intiuitive Interface for Residential Gateways

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Residential gateways are systems based on different control technologies that provide a unified way of communication for various devices and appliances present in homes and buildings. These devices include sensors (for the detection of people, temperature, lighting, security, flooding), actuators (switchers for heating systems, dimmers, control mechanisms) and electrical and electronic devices (appliances, audio and video devices, multimedia devices, personal computers, etc.). Residential gateways are used to control and optimize the energy consumption in buildings. Unfortunately, they frequently provide non-intuitive interfaces, thus making their operation complex to users. This paper presents the results of an R&D project that has shown the feasibility of using Virtual Reality environments to create new 3D interfaces for residential gateways. The main purpose of this project has been the design and development of a system that provides a more usable and intuitive interface to interact with commercial residential gateways. As added value, the Virtual Domotic System (VDS) offers multi-user control and the possibility of it being operated from immersive and non-immersive visualization systems. The VDS and the residential gateway are connected and communicate through the Internet

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Other Indexed Magazine (RIND)
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IADIS Web Virtual Reality and 3D Worlds 2009 (Web3DW 2009) Conference. Portugal 19-22 June 2009.
ISBN: 978-972-8924-84-3
Realidad Virtual/Virtual Reality
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Enero 2009
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J. Muria