Chapter 12 - Case study Spain

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As in other EU countries, the dynamics of the broadband market in Spain have broadly followed the three main stages of the electronic communications regulatory framework set out by the EU: initial liberalization, first stages of competition and introduction of next-generation networks (Gómez-Barroso and Feijóo, 2010). Broadband had a merely token presence in the residential market before the first stage of liberalization, which took place in Spain during 1999 and 2000.

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The Dynamics of Broadband Markets in Europe: Realizing the 2020 Digital Agenda, pp. 249-268
ISBN 978- 1-107-07358-6 (Hardback)
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Julio 2014
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José Luis Gómez Barroso, Rafael Coomonte Belmonte, Villaverde, Wolter Lemstra