Chapter 12 - Case study Spain


As in other EU countries, the dynamics of the broadband market in Spain have broadly followed the three main stages of the electronic communications regulatory framework set out by the EU: initial liberalization, first stages of competition and introduction of next-generation networks (Gómez-Barroso and Feijóo, 2010). Broadband had a merely token presence in the residential market before the first stage of liberalization, which took place in Spain during 1999 and 2000.

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The Dynamics of Broadband Markets in Europe: Realizing the 2020 Digital Agenda, pp. 249-268
ISBN 978- 1-107-07358-6 (Hardback)
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July 2014
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José Luis Gómez Barroso, Rafael Coomonte Belmonte, Villaverde, Wolter Lemstra