Infrastructures and Services

Our sophisticated system installed in CeDInt's Virtual Reality Lab has an OptiTrack motion capture system composed of the following elements: - Active cameras:    * 4 Camera Slim13E, lente 68° FOV (4.5mm), Filter Switcher: 850nm Band-Pass (IR) / 700nm (Visible), No Sync Port    * 8 Camera Slim13E, lente 82° FOV (3.5mm), Filter Switcher: 850nm Band-Pass (IR) / 700nm (Visible), No Sync Port - 1 switch NETGEAR, ProSafe GS728TPP,24-port switch for Slim13E cameras... more
Experimental installation of two High Performance Concentration Photo Voltaic panels 12.5 kW each to test long term performance of two types of high performance conversion cells. Scientific Innovation of the system: Optics: Allow for high concentration (1024 Suns) High Angular acceptance (1.1º) The high concentration factor is important to reduce the surface of the cell reducing cost, overall size and weight. The high Angular acceptance make possible to use higher tolerance,... more
  The industry 4.0 LAB of CeDInt will provide a research Infrastructure and facilities for the industry of the future including a BatNet network of sensors and actuators over digital manufacturing machines ready as a test bed and research facility on industry 4.0 solutions. The BATNet system offers connectivity of objects to the internet. The system connects industrial machinery to thr control and monitoring system and is OpenHW based (BAT-PlaformMiddleware for Industry). This... more
  This IoT Lab focuses its activity in the usage of ICT-based tools to achieve a sustainable research. In this lab is where devices used to monitor energy consumption are designed, developed and deployed. These devices are also able to act on loads and even to affect the energy consumption and they are part of a system called BatNet. The activities which take place in this lab aim to achieve an energy efficient state optimizing the energy consumption. This goal is approached through... more
Analysis of the quality of lenses and mirrors manufacturing Complete characterization of light sources Characterization of optical properties of materials Analysis of the quality of lenses and mirrors manufacturing To analyze the quality of manufacture of lenses and mirrors, we have several devices that measure the characteristics of optical surfaces.  Scanner Laser 3D for big pieces (LDI 3D Scanner System. Somatech ). It enables to understand the profile of mirrors of diameter... more
This room is a research place where saving energy and energy efficiency have been made a priority. Here, solutions developed from research are shown and evaluated. This solutions, which have been developed by the Energy Efficiency research group, are such that they contribute to the energy efficiency management and manage different home automation systems such as air conditioning systems, lighting systems or just appliances. This is why in this room not only the Interoperability Lab for Home... more
The Portable VR System, allow us to take VR demos to congresses, exhibitions or to the customer site. Ir consists of: 1 rear projection screen (2.4m x 1.8m, 120") with rigid frame and support for upright positioning. 2 DLP projectors with native resolution 1400x1050 (SXGA +), 2500 lumens, electronic active/passive conversion, specific support for placement and alignment and 2 linearly polarized filters integrated. Plastic and cardboard polarized eyeglasses. 1 Workstation HP xw9300... more
CeDInt counts on an advanced back proyection wall with capacity for 30 people and the following caracteristics: 3D PowerWall® 1 rear projection screen (3.0x2.4m). 2 projectors for stereoscopic visualization BARCO IQ R400, with native resolution 2500 lumens. 1 Workstation HP xw9300 with 2 CPUs AMD Opteron 252 2,6, 4GB of RAM DDR-400 ECC, 1 HDD U320 SCSI of 146GB, 15K, network card Broadcom 5751 Gigabit, graphics card nVidia Quadro FX4500 PCI-Express 512MB and S.OR.  MS Windows... more
Space of objects production that groups equipment and latest machines that allow promote creativity, minimize design cycles and improve the process of creating new products objects. Can be made high definition prototypes and models that exactly reflect the original design. The growing presence of digital manufacturing conjunction with the need for researchers to digital manufacturing technologies, human and technical resources are available to tackle projects at different scales and... more
CeDInt counts with an i-SPACE® infrastructure, a Cave Automated Virtual Environment of 5 rear projection screens arranged in CUBE (three walls, floor and ceiling) and which, in combination with the Stereo Active Infitec + projection technology, provide an advanced fully immersive 3D visualization experience. The CAVE® infrastructure comprises the following components: 5 multichannel rear-projection screens: frontal + 2 lateral + ceiling + floor (4:3 format, 3,20 x 2,40 m.). 5... more