Eficiencia energética - Internet de las cosas

Energy Efficiency - Internet of things

The Energy Efficiency and Internet of Things (IoT) group at CeDInt has a wide background in the communication protocols and control technologies for energy efficiency most used in industry. Its scientific activity is focused on the development of new intelligent ICT-based systems integrating ambient intelligence and context awareness algorithms for the implementation of energy efficiency strategies in buildings and other environments. More specifically, the group has a broad experience in the development of Open-IoT (Internet of Things) standard based in open software and hardware that comprise wireless networks for monitoring and control (energy consumption, ambient parameters and presence of users) and middleware platforms for intelligent control of buildings and other infrastructures (street lighting, Industry 4.0, etc.).

Research in Internet of things (IoT) applied to the development of  smart environments and energy efficiency:


1.- Building Automation Technologies:
  • Usability and interoperability testing.
  • Technologies and protocols integration (KNX, Lonworks, X-10, DALI, ZigBee, EnOcean, 6LoWPAN, etc.).
  • Development of multi-technology building automation platforms for control (lighting, HVAC, blinds, loads and appliances) and monitoring.
  • Design of friendly and intuitive graphical web and mobile user-interfaces.


2.- Wireless Sensors and actuators networks:
  • Standardization definition.
  • Development of hardware devices (sensors, actuators and coordinator nodes) compatible with IoT(Internet of Things) standards.
  • Development of wireless sensor networks based on open standards (IPv6).

3.- ICT-based systems for Energy Efficiency in Buildings:

  • In Home Displaysand multi-metering systems: real-time consumption monitoring (electricity, water and gas).
  • Intelligent metering:swdevelopment for consumption processing, analysis and forecasting.
  • Design and development of swmodules for OSGigateways.
  • Design and development of advanced control systems and user interfaces for building Energy Monitoring and Management.
  • Development and implementation of Energy Efficiency Managementalgorithms and applications using Residential Gateways.
  • Cloud services (energy management, security…) in building management platforms.
4.- Energy performance in buildings:
  • Energy certification of buildings: application of tools and methodologies according to legislation
  • Analysis of the impact of BMSs on the energy performance of buildings.
  • Definition and analysis of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the energy performance of buildings evaluation

5.- Smart Environments:

  • Integration of Ambient Intelligence(AmI) and Context Awareness concepts in Residential Gateways.
  • AmI(Ambient Intelligence) applied to self-learning control of efficient solid-state lighting systems
  • Intelligent Optimization Algorithms (Artificial Intelligence, Ontologies, Fuzzy Logic, etc.): energy consumption prediction

6.- Smart Grids:

  • Development of advanced control solutions for energy management in buildings as active elements into theSmart Grid
  • Definition of ICT-based Demand Response and Dynamic-prizing services

7.- Smart Lighting:

  • Intelligent control systems for Indoor and street lighting .
  • Dimming based on presence and ambient lighting
  • Use of RGB LED technology for the creation of comfortable environments

8.- Environment and sustainability:

  • Software tools development for the validation of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) methodologies.
  • Wireless sensor networks development for monitoring the environmental status of forests: CO2 emissions and fire det



ABIDI addresses key challenges of reliable industrial IoT networks, big data analytics, edge computing, contextualization, veracity and knowledge discovery, which are...


El Internet de las Cosas (IoT) y las redes inalámbricas para conexión de dispositivos (WDN) son esenciales para mejorar los procesos de automatización, aumentar la productividad...


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Self-Powered System

The main goal of the project is to achieve a non invasive solution for power consumption measurements in distribution panels. A self-powered device has been designed exploiting...


MAIGE project focuses on the concept of Asset Management, with a direct impact on the level of inspection and maintenance of installations of gas and electricity distribution....


TR@ NSENER challenge is to respond to RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation) commitments of each region involved in the project (Spain, France and...


ALLIPOP is a technical solution able to deal with the great growth of the current extreme to extreme (E2E) networks within the Internet of Things. Based on the capillary...

Green Labs

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CPSE Labs is a European Union-funded initiative with a mission to support small and medium-sized businesses which engineer or operate dependable cyber-physical systems (CPS) in...

Living Lab Illumination

This Project aims to enhance the outdoor illumination infrastructure at Montegancedo Campus. It provides a smart illumination system which is able to measure the reflected...

TUD COST Action TU1204

Cities are the future. In 2008, the percentage of people living in urban areas surpassed those living rural communities. This Action co-ordinates a trans-disciplinary network of...


The European project TEDS4BEE, aiming at reducing energy consumption in public buildings’ through an experimental digital monitoring service.


BatNet is a wireless devices network that uses IPv6 as the main communication protocol. This allows the communication among all the different kinds of devices, creating a mesh...


This project aims to develop a new service which will be able to modify remotely and automatically the lighting level, air conditioning and security conditions of any room...


This project describes the design and development of a HVAC control system for a commercial building. This system is aimed to optimize user comfort and to reduce energy...

Ciudad 2020
Ciudad 2020 aims to become a reference project for the Smart City concept in Spain, conceiving a new model of Smart City which encompasses the main areas within a...

The objective of singer project is the design and development of an intelligent system able to manage the energy through building architectonical envelope restoration, aiming at...


The project LABXXI will let use in the short time a new model of laboratory addressed to the people, resources optimization and environmental protection.


BatMP is a software platform or middleware designed for the monitoring and management of buildings through the data obtained from electronic devices.


The project proposes a study of possible energy savings in lighting and air conditioning offering home automation technology applications in social housing promoted by the “...


The aim of the project Ecommontech is to develop a tool suitable to certify that a particular area is being reforested through a REDD mechanism (Reducing Emissions from...


The goal of this project is the design and development of a building energy management intelligent system, for the achievement of a high energy efficiency incorporating...


The project studies the application of new technologies in the hotel environment in order to get advantages for the client and the manager. It covers research in many fields...


The general objective of the project is the creation of a energy management web platform for a group of buildings


The key goal of the project is to develop a web based technology platform which enables a real time monitoring of environmental factors (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels...etc...


This experimental development project aims to build an intelligent platform able to show in an unified manner the most usual energy and resources consumptions in a household, i....


This is a four year long project (2009-12) that tries to create an energy distribution model adjusted to electricity supply and demand requirements.


Design and developeent of a platform for Monitoring, Evaluation and Intelligent Control of Energy Efficiency in the Building Industry.


This is a four year long project (2007-10) with a 30 million € budget that tries to establish the principal issues of a smart, safe and efficient electricity distribution...


Main objective is the design, test and spread of energy management services for houses, relying on ambient intelligence techniques.


Creation of a European Lab network where potential users may test prototype products and systems before they are introduced to mass market.


The objective of the project is to design and develop an unified platform for the measuring of electricity, gas and water consumptions in the household.

Vigilancia Tecnológica

The “Technological Surveillance” report, describes the overall context where energy efficiency and sustainability are positioned, with special stress in the residential design and building in...

Solar Decathlon 2007

Solar Decathlon is a competition organized by the U.S. Department of Energy for universities from all over the world, that challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and...

Publications and other relevant activities

Estudio comparativo de sistemas basado en técnicas de Deep Learning para la detección de estrés agudo a partir de la señal EMG. Otros (Tesis...) 10/2020
Guidelines and criteria for selecting the optimal low-power wide-area network technology Libro/Capitulo 03/2020
Diseño de sensor ambiental IoT de bajo consumo, alimentado mediante energía solar Otros (Tesis...) 07/2019
Sistema no intrusivo de control de actividad basado en RF para ayuda de la dependencia de entornos de baja conectividad Otros (Tesis...) 07/2019
Hybrid LPWAN Communication Architecture for Real-Time Monitoring in Power Distribution Grids Congreso 04/2019
Smart Street Lightning System for Eco-Cities Based on 6LoWPAN IoT Networks (Póster) Congreso 11/2018
Design, prototyping and validation of a wireless, self-powered, non-intrusive power consumption metering device for mains electricity in virtue of inductive energy harvesting techniques Otros (Tesis...) 07/2018
Desarrollo de una arquitectura cliente-servidor para la gestión de reglas de filtrado de recursos Web públicos y su aplicación específica en el ámbito de las ayudas técnicas. Otros (Tesis...) 07/2018
IoT Solution for Energy Optimization in Industry 4.0: Issues of a Real-life Implementation. Congreso 06/2018
Power Distribution Monitoring Using LoRa: Coverage Analysis in Suburban Areas. Congreso 02/2018
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Demand-response infrastructure for houses. Participaciones Especiales 06/2017
Visualization tools and Visual Analytics for Big Data analysis on people movement. Participaciones Especiales 06/2017
Green Labs: Internet de las Cosas aplicada a la gestión y monitorización de invernaderos Congreso 06/2017
Contribución al estudio de Sistemas VLC en entornos domóticos. Otros (Tesis...) 03/2017
Improving Manufacturing Processes using Open-IoT BatNet Technology (Póster) Congreso 02/2017
Open-IoT Solution-Madrid. Reunión de expertos. High-level conference (invitación). Conferencia por invitacion, Participaciones Especiales 10/2016
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Open IoT Smart Campus. IoT Success Stories SERIES #3 /Internet of Things Success Stories #3 Libro/Capitulo 11/2015
Estudio del efecto guía-onda sobre polimetacrilato de metilo. Aplicacion para una lámpara led con control inalámbrico Otros (Tesis...) 09/2015
Invitación Jornada Pozuelo Smart City: Presente y futuro Conferencia por invitacion, Participaciones Especiales 03/2015
“Jornada de Protección de Datos y Tratamientos masivos de información” “La privacidad en la internet de las cosas”. Agencia Española de Protección de Datos con la Comisión Europea. Participaciones Especiales 01/2015
Parameter-based Mechanism for Unifying User Interaction, Applications and Communication Protocols Congreso 11/2014
Tercer Congreso Nacional de Conocimiento Abierto Bioinspirado e Inteligencia Colectiva. "BIG TOURISM, we are all tourist" Participaciones Especiales 11/2014
Energy-saving Smart Street Lighting System based on 6LoWPAN (póster) Congreso 10/2014
Data Consistency Management in an Open Smart Home Management Platform Congreso 10/2014
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Lessons learned on home energy monitoring and management: Smartcity Málaga Congreso 05/2013
BatNet: a 6LoWPAN-based Sensors and Actuators Network Congreso 12/2012
Bat-MP: An ontology-based energy management platform Congreso 12/2012
Multiprotocol Android application for smart control and monitoring in buildings Congreso 12/2012
BatNet: red inalámbrica de sensores y actuadores basada en 6LoWPAN Congreso 11/2012
Open Multi-technology Building Energy Management System Congreso 10/2012
Climap: A Novel Approach for an Intelligent HVAC Control System Congreso 06/2012
MDL: A Module Description Language for Chained Heterogeneous Modular Robots Congreso 12/2011
Redes de sensores Congreso 06/2011
Nuevas estrategias energéticas: próxima generación de pasarelas residenciales y su integración en las redes de distribución eléctrica inteligentes Congreso 04/2011
Next Generation of Energy Residential Gateways for Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing Congreso 01/2011
Building Automation and Control Multi-Technology System Congreso 11/2010
A Practical Approach to Smart Grids: New Energy Residential Gateways on PLC Congreso 03/2010

Interoperability Lab

The interoperability room is a place where different energy efficiency technologies are deployed.


CeDInt’s IoT Lab focuses its activity in the usage of ITC-based tools to achieve a sustainable research.

Industry 4.0

CeDInt’s Industry 4.0 Lab will provide a research infrastructure and facilities thereof for the industry of the future, including a BatNet network of sensors and actuators on digital manufacturing

Industry 4.0 LAB


Internet of Things Lab


Energy Efficiency and Interoperability LAB

This room is a research place where saving energy and energy efficiency have been made a priority. Here, solutions developed from research are shown and evaluated.

ABS thermoplastic 3D printer model MakerBot REPLICATOR 2X

· 100 µm resolution and dual print head for jobs in two colors.

· Prototyping in ABS plastic.

· Tank size: 210mm x 210mm x 205mm

Digital Manufacturing Lab

Space of objects production that groups equipment and latest machines that allow promote creativity, minimize design cycles and improve the process of creating new products objects.

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