El CeDint explica los modos de colaboración universidad empresa en la Jornada I+D+i en el ámbito de las TICS aplicadas a la eficiencia enregética

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Carmen Lastres, Project Manager of CeDInt participated on the R6D+i sessions of IT application to energy efficiency that took place in CEDTI last June 20th wit a dissertation about the necessity and importance of the industry-university collaboration.

The R&D+I sessions on IT applied to energy efficiency took place on CDTI last June the 20th organized by the enerTIC platform and hosted more than 300 professionals of the industry interested on innovation and provided information about the focus areas of the public administration for the present edition of the funding programs as well as the different funding mechanisms provided by them. Along the sessions there were dissertations among others from: Mr. Jesús Cañadas, Director of de Communications area, Mr. Borja Izquierdo, Mr. Javier Echávarri and Mr. Sergio Lourenso from CDTI, Ms. Carmen Lastres from CeDInt, Mr. Gabriel Cuervo from Ferrovial, Mr.Manuel Lorenzo Hernández of Ericsson and Mr.Félix de La Guía from Evalu Innovación. 

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