Tecno-Economía: Contenidos, aplicaciones e infraestructuras de nueva generación

In this recently launched research area, both the technical and economic perspectives on the next generation of telecommunications infrastructures (FTTx, Docsis 3.0, 4G, etc), contents and applications (on-line media, mobile apps, etc) are examined with a look at their sustainability and their usage in the home and personal environments. Emerging paradigms such as context-awareness, immersive media and Internet of things are specifically considered.

The current flagship project in the area is a study on the deployment of Next Generation Networks (NGN) carried out in cooperation with leading Spanish companies (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, ONO) and institutions (Spanish National Regulatory Agency). The project tries to shed some light on the contributions of broadband infrastructures to a sustainable economic growth, the current situation of the deployment of next generation of networks and the limits of the market action –coverage of the territory, penetration, etc. as a function of time and possible technologies (wireless in particular), and finally, the public perspective on how to promote this deployment.

Claudio Feijoo invited to lecture to the European Parliament.

Body: translated: Last June 17th Claudio Feijoo was appointed to present the report “PUBLIC AND COMMERCIAL MODELS OF ACCESS IN THE DIGITAL ERA”, of which is coauthor, in the European Parliament. For more information...

New UPM master in City Sciences approved.

Body: translated: The new Master in City Sciences MCS has been approved by UPM as own official studies. CeDint will actively participate with both proffessors and content. For more detailed information please visit...

Claudio Feijoo invited as discussant in EuroCPR 2013

Body: translated: Deputy Director of CeDInt Claudio Feijoo has been invited by EuroCPR 2013 as discussant in the session "Radio spectrum and broadband European Union policies: towards a European broadband strategy"...

Are we, Internet users irresponsible, short sighted and naive?

Body: translated: Deputy director of CeDInt Claudio Feijoo will be the speaker of the session: "Are we, Internet users irresponsible, short sighted and naive?" next Tuesday March 12th 2013 in Seville in the second...

Interview to Claudio Feijoo for SEK TV channel

Body: translated: Claudio Feijoo Deputy director of CeDInt explains in an interview for the SEK TV channel on YouTube his professional trajectory and interests as well as his views on the research present situation....

Claudio Feijoo Participates in the Media and Content Industries (MCI) International Conference in Brusels

Body: translated: PhD. Claudio Feijoo Techno-economics area director of CeDInt was in charge of the presentation of results of the gaming section of the "Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the ...

Researcher Claudio Feijoo appointed member of the Advisory Board of "Madrid on Rails"

Body: translated: "Madrid on Rails", a free software R&D Center promoted by the Council of Madrid, has been operating since 2009 and aims to become a point of reference in emerging technologies, promoting...

Students of IE Business School visited CeDInt

Body: translated: Last June, 15th students of  “Master in Telecom and Digital Business” of IE Business School visited CeDInt, leaded by Claudio Feijoo. El “IE Business School” es una de las principales...




Analysis of the economic value of personal information
Which is the economic value of personal information?
  • How the exchange of information is benefiting society and the economy
  • ...
Future of telecoms technology providers

Forecast and analysis of emergent technologies for the Telecom technology providers.


Estudio-investigación sobre las características tecno-económicas de las redes de nueva generación (NGN) y sus implicaciones regulatorias.

Videogame industry in Europe

The present study analyses the video game software industry, its market potential, its value chain organization and business models and its current line of evolution, so as to...

Digital Agenda Europe

Management of spectrum

Social Media

Los medios sociales son entornos que propician el incremento masivo de la publicación de información y opinión en la red por parte de los usuarios, así como su creciente participación en redes...

Publications and other relevant activities

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