Mobile Music: An Overview. Cap-5


Music industry is arguably the foremost example of the advantages and disadvantages of having been exposed early on to digitalization. But not only has music been a pioneer in the area of digitalization, but it has also been one of the first sectors in the content industry to be massively “mobilized”. It is therefore an area where lessons can be learnt for other mobile media and content market segments. From this framework, this chapter examines four main stages in the evolution of mobile music, investigates in some detail the emerging business models in the domain and concludes with the main challenges and opportunities for mobile music. 

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Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution, pp: 87-104
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8838-4 ISBN13: 9781466688384 ISBN10: 1466688386 EISBN13: 9781466688391
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September 2015
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Victoria Bleda