Biometría Bioseñales y Seguridad

Biometrics Research Lines cover design of bio-metric identification systems (monomode and multimode techniques security evaluation and life subject detection). Stress detection systems by means of physiological signals. Analysis and detection of bio-markers in human scent for medical and bio-metric applications. Public key cipher (elliptical and hipper-elliptical curve, secure protocols for cipher and signature). Cripto-biometry specially based in iris and fingerprint geometry. Computer security. Medical imaging analysis.

Biometrics: This research line covers topics related to iris biometrics (considering not only identification but also template falsification, fake iris images creation),hand geometry oriented to mobile devices, in-air signature based on accelerometers also oriented to mobile devices, gait and face recognition.

In general, our research lines are focused on applying biometrics to mobile devices in order to increase the security in daily applications.


Biosignals: In addition, our interests cover topics related to stress detection in order to improve Human-Computer Interaction (HCI),  providing more security to biometric systems together with the health management in individuals. On the other hand, within this research line we present the biometric technique based on human odour, of great interest in airports, borders and explosive detections.




Security: The research line related to security covers topics oriented to cryptography and their applications. As a result, security rises our interest on cryptobiometrics (the possibility of combining efficiently cryptography and biometrics). Finally, our experience on risk analysis.



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Doctoral Thesis dissertation by Belén Ríos Sánchez

Body: translated: Last Tuesday September 26th, 2017, Belén Ríos, researcher of the Biometrics Biosignals and Security Group of CeDInt, finished her PHd with the dissertation of his Doctoral at CeDInt auditorium. Her...
Premio Actua UPM 2017

THESEUS project of the Biometrics Biosignals and Security group of CeDInt awarded in the 14th edition of Actua UPM

Body: translated: Last April 6th took place the award ceremony of the 14th edition of the Actua UPM competition for the best entrepreneur project ideas. In this edition 450 project ideas have been presented, and the...

Fco. Javier Morales read his final degree project

Body: translated: Last 25 of June, Fco. Javier Morales Blasco read his final year project titled: "Design, development and evaluation of a detection module video heart rate for a biometric facial recognition system"....

Interview for the news program "Antena 3 Noticias"

Body: translated: On May 4th, the Spanish TV channel Antena 3 interviewed the Group of Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in a report for the news program Antena...

Dissemination of the use of Wearable Technologies in Health

Body: translated: The research group Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S) of the Centro de Domótica Integral (CeDInt-UPM) participated in the program 4eso+empresa which consists of the collaboration of high-...

CeDInt's Biometrics research group will be present on the V edtion of Actua UPM Investment forum.

Body: translated: The Group of Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S) of the Research Centre for Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency (CeDInt) has participated in the V Investment Forum Actúa UPM for new...

Top marks and special mention to Patricia Alcalde in her Final Engineering Porject.

Body: translated: Today friday September 26th Patricia Alcalde Sanz from the Biometrics, Biosignals and Security group made her diosertation on her final engineering project in the assembly hall of CeDInt. Her work...

New advances in body scent as biometric identifier

Body: translated: Researchers of the group Biometrics Biosignals and Security (GB2S) in partnership with the company Ilía Sistemas, advance in the study of a new biometric technique that will identify individuals from...

Accesit award for the biometrics Group in the open inovation middleware contest actua COM

Body: translated: Biometrics Biosignals and Security Group (GB2S) obtained an accesit award in the Open Middleware contest actúa.COM sponsored by  Banco de SANTANDER for the project "CashAir". The objective of the...

4.9M€ project to help Europeans manage their weight

Body: translated: Researchers and businesses are joining forces to develop innovative techniques to help people manage their weight and increase their physical fitness with the use of emerging technology and...

Alberto de Santos colects accesit prize to best patent from Madri+d

Body: translated: Last Tuesday October, 8th Alberto de Santos, Researcher of CeDInt picked up the Accesit award from MadrI+D organization for his patent foa a method and system to measure stress from Heart rate and...

The Biometrics Group of CeDint in prime time news of spanish national TV tve1

Body: translated: The Group Biometrics Biosignals and Security GB2S made his debut on spanish TV last September 20th talking about hou tu use biometrics and biologic features as security elements demonstrating some of...

Accesit for the Biometry group in the best patent award Madi+d

Body: translated: The accesit to the best patent award on the 9th edition of the Madri+d awards has been granted to the Biometrics, Biosignals & Security research group of CeDInt. The jury granted an accesit to...

Gonzalo Bailador, awarded PhD Extraordinary mention of UPM

Body: translated: As part of the awards yearly granted by UPM in an official act celebrated in the day of Saint Thomas Aquinas, CeDInt PhD. researcher Gonzalo Bailador has been awarded with the PhD. Extraordinary...

Biometrics group awarded on IX edition of Actúa UPM 2012

Body: translated: On the IX edition of the start-up building competition ActuaUPM, BiomMo (Biometría Móvil) has been awarded as best business idea. The Biometrics group has created libraries and biometric apps for...

Dissertation and defense of Doctoral Thesis by Alberto de Santos

Body: translated: Today, November 22nd at Main hall of CeDInt PhD candidate Alberto de Santos of  Biometrcs group of CeDInt made his dissertation Titled: “Design, implementation an evaluation of an unconstrained and...

New Graduation Project disertation by Marta Camonet at CeDInt

Body: translated: Last Otcober, 10th Marta Carmonet Bravo difended her Graduation Project titled "Diseño e Implementación de un Sistema para Determinar el Rango de Edad de un Individuo a Partir de sus Rasgos Faciales...

Dissertation of final project: “Study and implementation of image segmentation methods aplied to iris and hand geometry biometrics"

Body: translated: El pasado 24 de junio tuvo lugar la defensa del Proyecto Fin de Carrera de Ángel García-Casarrubios Muñoz, con título: “Estudio e implementación de métodos de segmentación de imágenes aplicados a...



MOBIAM makes mobility information accurate, continuous and multi-modal, dramatically improving solutions based on surveys and reducing the cost; creating a comprehensive...


APPARCCO reduce emissions and congestion of cities through a political price dynamics surface parking, which are users informed before the start of its journey through an app, a...


La gestión del tráfico está asistiendo al comienzo de un cambio de paradigma. No sólo debido a la presencia de nuevas tecnologías como sistemas de identificación automática de...


La gestión del tráfico es un aspecto fundamental para las ciudades. Una óptima gestión del tráfico asegura la eficiencia reduciendo el consumo energético, la emisión de gases de...


PCAS aims at providing an innovative, trustworthy, handheld device. The Secured Personal Device (SPD) will allow users to securely store their data, to share it with trusted...


Cyber Defence Research Agenda

Identification and Mitigation of Threats Affecting Critical Information Infrastructure

Consulting services in the area of Identification and Mitigation of Threats Affecting Critical Information Infrastructure


Transfer time calculation and optimization by wireless adquisition and traffic conditions estimation


Clasification of ocupants by gait Piezoelectric measure for management and security


Hibrid system for remote stress detection and personal localization both indoors and outdoors


Olfative analysis of human cancer both live and in-vitro


Cancer diagnostics from olfative and odor techniques.


Odour component extraction and analysis for explosive detection.


Nowadays, chindren share their private data in social networks with little or no precaution. Moreover, children do not state their real age in Social Networks, given that they...


Creación de un sistema de identificación de personas basado en su olor corporal aplicado a sistemas de seguridad.


El proyecto SEGUR@, que cuenta con un presupuesto de más de 31 millones de euros, tiene como objetivo generar un marco de confianza y seguridad para el uso de las TIC en la e-...

Publications and other relevant activities

Deep Learning for Facial Recognition on Single Sample per Person Scenarios with Varied Capturing Conditions JRC-SCI Magazine 12/2019
Graphemic-phonetic diachronic linguistic invariance of the frequency and of the Index of Coincidence as cryptanalytic tools JRC-SCI Magazine 03/2019
Las letras de la talla de la Virgen de Candelaria Book/Chapter 11/2018
Reconocimiento facial no invasivo en dispositivos móviles Other (Thesis...) 02/2018
Flooding-based Segmentation for Contact-less Hand Biometrics oriented to Mobile Devices JRC-SCI Magazine 01/2018
Curvelets for Contact-less Hand Biometrics under varied environmental conditions. Congress 10/2017
A comparative study of palmprint feature extraction methods for contact-less biometrics under different environmental conditions. Congress 10/2017
Principal Component Analysis for Ear-based Biometric Verification. Congress 10/2017
Analysis of Local Binary Patterns and Uniform Local Binary Patterns for Palm Vein Biometric Recognition. Congress 10/2017
Analysis of image processing, machine techniques for contact-Less hand Biometrics. Other (Thesis...) 09/2017
Four Versions of the Christus by the Massys: Deciphering the Meaning of the Letters Other Indexed Magazine (RIND) 07/2017
Linguistic Decipherment of the Lettering on the (Original) Carving of the Virgin of Candelaria from Tenerife (Canary Islands) Other Indexed Magazine (RIND) 07/2017
Effects of Spike Anticipation on the Spiking Dynamics of Neural Networks JRC-SCI Magazine 12/2016
gb2sμMOD: A MUltiMODal biometric video database using visible and IR light JRC-SCI Magazine 11/2016
Realce de imágenes mamográficas para su análisis y clasificación mediante un sistema CAD basado en redes neuronales convolucionales Congress 11/2016
Designing and Testing HealthTracker for Activity Recognition and Energy Expenditure Estimation within the DAPHNE Platform Other Indexed Magazine (RIND), Congress 09/2016
The DAPHNE Project Other Indexed Magazine (RIND) 09/2016
Multibiometría de huella palmar y geomtería de mano para un sistema sin contacto orientado a dispositivos móviles. Congress 09/2016
Comfort and Securiy Perception of Biometrics in Mobile Phones with Widespread Sensors. Congress 09/2016
A Configurable multibiometric system for authentication at different security levels using mobile devices. Congress 09/2016
The DAPHNE Project Congress 09/2016
Implementación y evaluación de un sistema biométrico de reconocimiento de venas de las manos mediante descriptores locales de textura Other (Thesis...) 07/2016
Realce de imágenes mamográficas mediante técnicas basadas en histograma para su clasificación por medio de redes neuronales convolucionales Other (Thesis...) 07/2016
Realce y aumento de la resolución de imágenes mamográficas mediante algoritmos de lógica difusa para su clasificación a través de redes neuronales convolucionales Other (Thesis...) 07/2016
Implementación y evaluación de un sistema biométrico de reconocimiento de oreja mediante el análisis de componentes principales (PCA) Other (Thesis...) 07/2016
Software para el reconocimiento de firmas en el aire con verificación de la fortaleza del patrón para vericar usuarios en dispositivos móviles que incorporen un acelerómetro Software Registration 05/2016
Software para el reconocimiento de firmas en el aire con segmentación manual para verificar usuarios en dispositivos móviles que incorporen un acelerómetro Software Registration 05/2016
Contexto, criptoanálisis y propuesta de solución de la inscripción de la talla (original) de la Virgen de Candelaria de Tenerife (Canarias, España) Other (Thesis...) 01/2016
Sistemas de ayuda al diagnóstico y reconocimiento de microcalcicaciones en mamografía mediante descriptores de escala y redes jerárquicas Other (Thesis...) 01/2016
Biometric Authentication of users through iris by using key binding and similarity preserving hash functions Other (Thesis...) 12/2015
Detección y Clasificación de Tejidos Anómalos en Mamografías Digitales Mediante Redes Neuronales Convolucionales. Congress 11/2015
Detección y clasificación de microcalcificaciones mediante redes neuronales convolucionales. Congress 11/2015
Detección de tasa cardiaca en vídeo para un sistema biométrico de reconocimiento facial. Congress 11/2015
Methodology for increasing the efficiency of the pairing between students in the student support process. Congress 07/2015
A new edit distance for fuzzy hashing applications. Congress 07/2015
Graph-based unsupervised segmentation algorithm for cultured neuronal networks' structure characterization and modeling JRC-SCI Magazine 06/2015
Design, Development and Evaluation of a Video Based Heart Rate Detection Module for a Facial Recognition Biometric System Other (Thesis...) 06/2015
Emergent Dynamical-Structural Interdependencies in Hippocampus Cultures. Congress 06/2015
Definición y evaluación de medidas para la cuantificación de la calidad de imagen en biometría de iris Other (Thesis...) 09/2014
Propuesta, implementación y evaluación de la firma en el aire como sistema de verificación en teléfonos móviles. Other (Thesis...) 04/2014
Modeling and Detecting Aggressiveness from Driving Signals JRC-SCI Magazine 01/2014
Emergence of Small-World Anatomical Networks in Self-Organizing Clustered Neuronal Cultures. JRC-SCI Magazine 01/2014
Analysis of pattern recognition and dimensionality reduction techniques for odor biometrics.  JRC-SCI Magazine 11/2013
La Criptobiometría y la redefinición de los conceptos de Persona e Identidad como Claves para la Seguridad Congress 11/2013
Emotional Intelligence & Coaching for the Competence Development at UPM Congress 09/2013
Programa de Mentoría en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Congress 09/2013
Talleres (2) sobre implantación de programas de mentoría en la universidad Special Participation 09/2013
Taller sobre implantación de programas de mentoría en la universidad Special Participation 09/2013
A Sequence Alignment Approach Applied to a Mobile Authentication Technique Based on Gestures JRC-SCI Magazine 06/2013
Longitudinal and Large Scale Characterization of Freely Self-organized Cultured Neural Networks (Póster) Congress 06/2013
La formación en competencias generales en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Dissertation by Invitation 02/2013
Contribución al estudio del criptoanálisis y diseño de los criptosistemas caóticos Other (Thesis...) 02/2013
Speed-independent gait identification for mobile devices JRC-SCI Magazine 01/2013
Red de Mentoría en entornos universitarios españoles: presente y futuro Congress 11/2012
Inteligencia emocional y coaching en la universidad: consolidación de un proyecto de innovación educativa Congress 11/2012
Follow-up meetings whitin the mentoring program in the university Congress 11/2012
Formación y supervisión de mentores: las claves del éxito en los programas de mentoría entre iguales en la universidad Congress 11/2012
Desing implementation an evaluation of an unconstrained and contactless biometric system based on hand geometry anda stress detection and its application in mobile devices Other (Thesis...) 11/2012
Diseño e implementacion de un sistema para determinar el rango de edad de un individuo a partir de sus rasgos faciales. Other (Thesis...) 10/2012
Diseño y desarrollo de programas de mentoring Book/Chapter 09/2012
Optimización en la implantación de salvaguardas o contramedidas en la Gestión de Riesgos. Normativa y herramientas habituales en España Congress 09/2012
Criptoanálisis de un criptosistema de dos canales basado en una función no lineal caótica Congress 09/2012
Control de edad en redes sociales mediante biometría facial Congress 09/2012
El uso de la tecnología en la lucha contra el crimen Congress 07/2012
Mesa redonda: ¿Solución o mitigación? ¿Se puede evitar el éxito de este tipo de ataques? Congress 07/2012
Cracking y ataques físicos sobre dispositivos electrónicos Congress 07/2012
On-line breath analysis of volatile organic compounds as a method for colorectal cancer detection Congress 06/2012
Aplicaciones de la Biometría en Seguridad Congress 05/2012
Authentication in mobile devices through hand gesture recognition JRC-SCI Magazine 04/2012
Efficacy of training and development techniques on the enhancement of generic skills in university students Congress 03/2012
A Comparative Evaluation of Gaussian Multiscale Aggregation for Hand Biometrics Book/Chapter 01/2012
Aplicaciones de la biometría en seguridad. (Técnicas Biométricas de Identificación. Máster de Seguridad de la Información) Congress 01/2012
Invariant Hand Biometrics Feature Extraction Congress 12/2011
Score optimization and template updating in a biometric technique for authentication in mobiles based on gestures JRC-SCI Magazine 11/2011
An approach to hand biometrics in mobile devices JRC-SCI Magazine 11/2011
A comparative study on unconstrained hand biometrics Congress 11/2011
Analysis of pattern recognition techniques for in-air signature biometrics JRC-SCI Magazine 10/2011
Unconstrained and Contactless Hand Geometry Biometrics JRC-SCI Magazine 10/2011
Gaussian Multiscale Aggregation applied to Segmentation in Hand Biometrics JRC-SCI Magazine 10/2011
A Stress-Detection System Based on Physiological Signals and Fuzzy Logic JRC-SCI Magazine 10/2011
Stress Detection by means of Stress Physiological Template Congress 10/2011
A robustness verification system for mobile phone authentication based on gestures using Linear Discriminant Analysis Congress 10/2011
Gaussian multiscale aggregation oriented to hand biometric segmentation in mobile devices Congress 10/2011
Secure access control by means of human stress detection Congress 10/2011
Study of the effect of blurriness in image acquisition for Hand Biometrics in Mobile Devices Congress 10/2011
Time series distances measures to analyze in-air signatures to authenticate users on mobile phones Congress 10/2011
Satisfacción con el mentor: diferencias por rol y sexo JRC-SCI Magazine 09/2011
Towards hand biometrics in mobile devices Congress 09/2011
Máster de Seguridad de la Información. Técnicas Biométricas de Identicación Other (Thesis...) 09/2011
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Máster interuniversitario en Tratamiento Estadístico-Computacional de la Información. Selección de características en señales de MEEG Other (Thesis...) 09/2011
Máster interuniversitario en Tratamiento Estadístico-Computacional de la Información. Análisis de las técnicas LDA, PCA e ICA y su aplicación en reconocimiento facial Other (Thesis...) 09/2011
Application of LCS Algorithm to Authenticate Users within Their Mobile Phone Through In-Air Signatures Book/Chapter 08/2011
Hand Biometrics in Mobile Devices Book/Chapter 08/2011
Real-Time Stress Detection by Means of Physiological Signals Book/Chapter 07/2011
Architectures to Implement In-Air Signature Mobile Authentication to Increase the Security of E-Commerce Applications and Opinion of End Users Congress 07/2011
Hand Image Segmentation by Means of Gaussian Multiscale Aggregation for Biometric Apllications Congress 07/2011
A Mobile-Oriented Hand Segmentation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Multiscale Aggregation Congress 11/2010
Acceleration Axis Selection in Biometric Technique Based on Gesture Recognition Congress 10/2010
Two Stress Detection Schemes Based on Physiological Signals for Real-Time Applications Congress 10/2010
Criptografía de Alta Velocidad: Cifrando en Condiciones Extremas (Grandes Cantidades de Datos en Tiempo Escaso) Congress 09/2010
A Real-Time Stress Detection System Based on GMM for Intrusion Detection Congress 09/2010
Modelo Criptobiométrico de Liberación de Clave Basado en Firmas en el Aire Congress 09/2010
Segmentación mediante agregación multiescala para biometría basada en geometría de mano Congress 09/2010
Algoritmo para analizar señales de aceleración de firmas en el aire Congress 09/2010
Hand Biometric Segmentation by means of Fuzzy Multiscale Aggregation for Mobile Devices Congress 08/2010
Application of the computational theory of perceptions to human gait pattern recognition JRC-SCI Magazine 07/2010
A real-time in-air signature biometric technique using a mobile device embedding an accelerometer Book/Chapter 07/2010
A real-time in-air signature biometric technique using a mobile device embedding an accelerometer Congress 07/2010
Pattern recognition using temporal fuzzy automata JRC-SCI Magazine 01/2010
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