A Configurable multibiometric system for authentication at different security levels using mobile devices.


This work presents a configurable multibiometric system oriented to mobile devices which combines face, hand and in-air signature biometrics to provide three different levels of security. The number of traits involved in the authentication increases with the security strength, allowing the balance between comfort and accuracy according to the security requirements of the final application. In addition, the security of the system is enhanced by incorporating anti-coercion and aliveness detection mechanisms. To decide which biometric mode should be requested at each security level, an evaluation of the biometrics has been performed in terms of performance and users acceptability.

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Workshop on Mobility and Cloud Security & Privacy. In conjunction with 35th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS). WMCSP2016. Budapest, Hungría.
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September 2016
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María José Melcón de Giles