Advanced optical engineering

The Advanced Optics group of CeDInt specializes in the development of new photo voltaic concentration systems that optimize cost, tolerance and conversion efficiency of conventional photo voltaic systems. Development of advanced optics for lighting systems with application to both interior and exterior lighting. Optical signaling systems for automobile industry and special applications. Image forming optics applied to improve proyection systems, panoramic cameras for video surveillance (both visible and IR) and compact telephoto lenses. Research in sub-lambda high resolution systems. Development of next generation optical sensors (predictive maintenance of electrical networks)

The Optical engineering research line is divided into four main investigation fields:

  • Advanced illumination optical systems. We design and develop illumination systems based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Signalling systems and indoor illumination devices are designed and measured with the purpose of obtaining a maximum efficiency and a perfect adaptation to our environment. The car industry is strongly related to illumination optics due to a wide range of optical products are developed within this field such as headlights, rear lights and other inside light systems.
  • Optical systems for non-guided optical communications. We design optical devices that not only have a specific angular response (for both LEDs and Photodiodes) but also produce a extremely coherent and collimated light within the predefined area.
  • Photovoltaic concentration systems to optimize the performance of different solar cells.  
  • Projection systems. A wide range of highly efficient and ultracompact optical systems are designed and tested in order to elaborate projection systems for home automation applications. These systems are specially focused on home cinema technology.



The objective of the Project is to design and manufacture a first prototype of a hybrid visualization system for Virtual and Augmented Reality. It will have large field of view, high resolution,...


The objective of the project is the generation of new concepts of advanced optics for Virtual Reality Headsets, paying special attention to the optical problems related to the...


The objective of the project is the development of a Head Mounted Display (HMD) system, compact and with large field of view.


This project aims to develop optical sensors to optimize management of electrical utility networks. The main differentiator compared to similar projects is the predictive...


The mission of SMETHODS project is to strengthen Europe's optics and photonics industry by providing trainings and hands-on practice in optical design and simulation.


This project proposes the development of a manufacturing centre in order to produce polymeric prototypes of different optical systems.


Study of the experimental development of a new infrared panoramic camera. The use of infrared sensors not only makes it possible to use these in systems in surveillance devices...


Desarrollo de un sistema de simulación orientado a los sectores de arquitectura e iluminación que permita resolver el cálculo lumínico con el grado de complejidad requerido en...


The main aim of this Project is to develop new on-board sensors for multispectral visualization by means of increasing the number of individual sensors and Implementing real-...


Research on novel light bulb devices based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in order to improve the efficiency and illumination pattern.


Diseño y desarrollo de un nueva generación de concentradores fotovoltaicos de alta eficiencia basados en el principio de lentes Fresnel.


Research on the field of metamaterials.


Development and analysis of a novel method for the design of anamorphic optical surfaces in the field of imaging optics.  This method is based on the SMS3D design process.


Creation of an innovative model for transferring concepts and knowledge about several technologies related to the optical field. 

FV 1000x

Study of XR concentrators with a high level of solar light concentration (1000x) and high angular tolerance, all of that will be done in order to obtain high efficiency optical...


Viability study of a backlight system for digital TV displays based on LED technology.


Research on advanced optical devices in order to improve the resolution of panoramic sensors used in surveillance and security applications.


The aim of PRV project is to design and develop novel external optical systems in order to obtain projection systems that generate big images.  These systems are suitable for...


Design and development of a solar concentrator prototype which makes use of high efficiency solar cells. The aim is to improve the efficiency of the current photovoltaic...

Sistemas avanzados de iluminación

Development of an optical system whose light source is a group of LEDs. The idea is to create a backlight system which can be applied in several illumination systems.


Development of a prototype of an optical system that later will be connected to a HDTV projector in order to reduce the distance between the projector and the image projected...


Development of an optical device which, once it is connected to a conventional projector, permits to project an image with both high resolution and size from an extraordinary...


Developement of an innovative manufacturing technology to produce a new generation of headlamps for vehicles, which will be the basis for a future car-to-car or car-to-...

Publications and other relevant activities

Compact illumination optic with three freeform surfaces for improved beam control 11/2017
Freeform Aplanatism 07/2017
Time multiplexing for increased FOV and resolution in virtual reality  06/2017
Advanced freeform optics enabling ultra-compact VR headsets  06/2017
Super-resolution optics for virtual reality  06/2017
Three surface freeform aplanatic systems 05/2017
SMS For imaging systems using free-forms. 05/2017
Analytical solution of an afocal two freeform mirror design problem (Póster) 03/2017
Freeform aplanatic systems (Póster) 03/2017
Design of compact optical systems using multichannel configurations 03/2017
Analytical solution of an afocal two freeform mirror design problem 02/2017
Design of compact optical systems using multichannel configurations 09/2016
Multichannel optics for imaging and nonimaging applications 09/2016
Anastigmatic ophthalmic lens design 09/2016
Optical design of an ultrashort throw ratio projector with two freeform mirrors 08/2016
Simultaneous calculation of three optical surfaces in the 3D SMS freeform RXI optic  08/2016
Recent advances in the SMS method: Diffraction and 3D aplanatism 08/2016
Compact optics by multichanneling the ray bundles 07/2016
Desing and development of Multichannel Optical Systems for Imaging and Nonimaging Applications. 07/2016
Diseño y simulación de un detector de la posición angular del ojo mediante un dispositivo sensible a la posición (PSD) con iluminación infrarroja 07/2016
Optical design through optimization for rectangular apertures using freeform orthogonal polynomials: a case study 07/2016
Freeform and Thin-Film Optics for a 45% Conversion Efficiency Photovoltaic Concentrator 06/2016
Freeform aplanatic systems as a limiting case of SMS 06/2016
Multifield direct design method for ultrashort throw ratio projection optics with two tailored mirrors 05/2016
Design of compact and ultra efficient aspherical lenses for extended Lambertian sources in two-dimensional geometry 03/2016
Simultaneous Multiple Surface design method for diffractive surfaces 03/2016
Compact Optics in Imaging and Nonimaging applications 02/2016
Compact étendue-preserving light-mixing optics 11/2015
Design and development of compact optical systems 11/2015
Modal wavefront estimation from its slopes by numerical orthogonal transformation method over general shaped aperture 10/2015
Freeform étendue-preserving optics for light and color mixing 09/2015
Design of freeform aplanatic systems 09/2015
Étendue-squeezing light injector 09/2015
Optical design through optimization using freeform orthogonal polynomials for rectangular apertures 09/2015
Design of diffractive optical surfaces within the nonimaging SMS design method 09/2015
NGCPV: A new generation of concentrator photovoltaic cells, modules and systems 09/2015
Design of a three freeform mirror aplanat 08/2015
Efficient color mixing through étendue conservation using freeform optics 08/2015
Freeform aplanatic concentrators 08/2015
Design of diffractive optical surfaces within the SMS design method. 08/2015
Color uniformity in spotligths - visual perception and system design 07/2015
Direct design of aspherical lenses for extended non-Lambertian sources in two-dimensional geometry 07/2015
CFK: a Fresnel–Köhler concentrator with an external confinement cavity 06/2015
On the Degrees of Freedom of Freeform Optics 06/2015
The Monge-Ampere Equation Design Method and Its Application to Beam Shaping 06/2015
Non-imaging optics for renewable energy and lighting 06/2015
Design of diffractive optical surfaces within the SMS design Method 06/2015
Nonimaging Optics 06/2015
 Visiting Graduate Student at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 06/2015
Double aspheric imaging design with unconstrained object to image mapping 05/2015
Does privacy concern influence e-shoppers choices for online retailers? An application of the Integrated Latent Variable Choice Model 05/2015
Prescribed intensity design for extended sources in three-dimensional rotational geometry 05/2015
Towards a Flat 45%-Efficient Concentrator Module 04/2015
Concentrator Optics for Photovoltaic Systems 01/2015
Ayuda del consejo social de la UPM para el fomento de la formación y la internacionalización de doctorandos  01/2015
Color uniformity in spotlights optimized with reflectors and TIR lenses 01/2015
Single freeform surface imaging design with unconstrained object to image mapping 12/2014
Optimization of optical systems for LED spot lights concerning the color uniformity 08/2014
Double surface imaging designs with unconstrained object to image mapping under rotational symmetry 08/2014
Conditions for perfect focusing multiple point sources with the SMS design method 08/2014
Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration XI 08/2014
Recent trends in concentrated photovoltaics concentrators’ architecture 07/2014
9-fold Fresnel–Köhler concentrator with Fresnel lens of variable focal point 07/2014
Caracterización Experimental de un visor de realidad virtual 3D Ultra-Inmersivo para videojuegos 07/2014
New trends in Photovoltaic economy and development of a different technological spectral approach in Concentrator Photovoltaics 07/2014
The Monge-Ampère equation method in freeform optics design 06/2014
Anastigmatic Imaging with Unconstrained Object to Image Mapping 06/2014
Initial design with L2 Monge-Kantorovich theory for the Monge–Ampère equation method of freeform optics 06/2014
Initial design with L2 Monge-Kantorovich theory  for the Monge–Ampère equation method in freeform surface illumination design 06/2014
Fabrication and Tolerances of Optics for High Concentration Photovoltaics 06/2014
Experimental evidence of super-resolution better than λ/105 with positive refraction 04/2014
Sistemas ópticos anamórficos para aplicaciones anidólicas / Free-form optical systems for nonimaging applications 04/2014
Optimization of a merit function for the visual perception of color uniformity in spot lights 04/2014
Maximizing The Efficiency Of A 4-cell FK Module. 04/2014
Single optical surface imaging designs with unconstrained object to image mapping with non-rotational symmetry 04/2014
Cool covered sky-splitting spectrum-splitting FK 04/2014
Merit function for the evaluation of color uniformity in the far field of LED spot lights 02/2014
Vocal del Comité Asesor de la Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora 02/2014
Influence of the characteristics of light source and target on the Monge-Ampére equation method in freeform optics design 02/2014
Advanced Fresnel Köhler Concentrators for Photovoltaic Applications 01/2014
Maximizing The Efficiency Of A 4-cell FK Module 01/2014
Experimental characterization of a Photovoltaic Concentrator (CPV) based in the Fresnel-Kohler configuration 01/2014
Fellow de The Optical Society of America (OSA) 01/2014
Improving performances of Fresnel CPV systems: Fresnel-RXI Köhler concentrator   01/2014
Sharp imaging of Multiple object pointS: How and Why 11/2013
Visual Recognition of Color Blending Levels in Light Spots and Related Merit Function 10/2013
NGCPV: A new generation of concentrator photovoltaic cells, modules and systems. 10/2013
Optical systems design using the SMS method and optimizations 09/2013
Experimental Evidence for Super-resolution in the Spherical Geodesic Waveguide 09/2013
New Fresnel Köhler optical design: 9-fold photovoltaic concentrator 08/2013
"Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration" del Symposium anual del SPIE Optics & Photonics 08/2013
Freeform optics for high luminance color blending 08/2013
FK concentrator outdoor measurements 08/2013
SMS freeforms for illumination 08/2013
9-Fold Fresnel-Köhler Concentrator for Increased Irradiance Uniformity on High Concentrations 08/2013
9-fold Fresnel-Köhler concentrator for increased uniform irradiance on high concentrations 08/2013
Lighting technology  08/2013
Development and characterization of an FK photovoltaic concentrator for maximum conversion efficiency 08/2013
Wide-angle, high-concentration photovoltaics to compete with flat-plate systems 07/2013
Free-form optics for Fresnel-lens-based photovoltaic concentrators 05/2013
VENTANA TM Power Train Features and Performance 04/2013
Field experiment of 800× off-axis XR-Köhler concentrator module on a carousel tracker 04/2013
Experimental Confirmation of FK Concentrator Insensitivity to Chromatic Aberrations 04/2013
9-Fold Fresnel Köhler Concentrator for Increased Uniform Irradiance on High Concentrations 04/2013
Performance of UV-enhanced PMMA Fresnel Lenses and Impact on LCOE 04/2013
Newer optics efficiently mix, dim, and color-tune LED light 02/2013
Неизображающие оптические системы (Nonimaging Optical systems) 01/2013
Advances in the simultaneous multiple surface optical desing method for imaging anda non-imaging aplications. 12/2012
Advances in the simultaneous multiple surface optical desing method for imaging anda non-imaging aplications 12/2012
Advances in Optics for Solid State Lighting 12/2012
Perfect imaging analysis of the spherical geodesic waveguide 11/2012
Inhomogeneous source uniformization using a shell mixer Köhler integrator 11/2012
Freeform Optics Applications in Photovoltaic Concentration 11/2012
Novel lateral moving tracking optics with the SMS desing method 11/2012
Quasi-aplanatic free form V-groove collimators for LED color mixing 11/2012
Super resolution using a modified spherical geodesic waveguide suitable for manufacturing 11/2012
SMS design and aberration theory 11/2012
Compact, high-efficiency sunlight harvesting 11/2012
Economics and forecast of energy consumption in NGN networks: the case of Spain. 11/2012
Analytic free-form lens design for tracking integration in concentrating photovoltaics 11/2012
Aplanatic thin TIR lens 11/2012
Single optical surface imaging desings with unconstrained object to image mapping 11/2012
Experimental characterization of Fresnel-Köhler concentrators 10/2012
Foundations of a New Interaction Paradigm for Immersive 3D Multimedia 10/2012
Analysis of Super Imaging Properties of Spherical Geodesic Waveguide Using COMSOL Multyphisics 10/2012
COMSOL Multyphisics Super Resolution Analysis of a Spherical Geodesic Waveguide Suitable for Manufacturing 10/2012
Hands-on training in Nonimaging Optics for SME’s: the SMETHODS experience 09/2012
Ventana Optical Train: a high-performance off-the-shelf HCPV optics solution 09/2012
Perfect imaging of point sources with positive refraction 09/2012
Super-resolution for a point source using positive refraction 08/2012
Beam-steering array optics designs with the SMS method 08/2012
Circuital model for the spherical geodesic waveguide perfect drain 08/2012
Primary optics for efficient high-brightness LED color mixing 08/2012
Design of spherical symmetric gradient index lenses 08/2012
Photovoltaic performance of the dome-shaped Fresner-Köhler concentrator 08/2012
Analytic free-form lens design for imaging applications with high aspect ratio 08/2012
1000x shadows-free mirror-based Köler concentrator 08/2012
Freeform optics for Photovoltaic Concentration 07/2012
Design and Development of 35 % Efficient and 1000X CPV Module with Sufficient Optical Alignment Tolerance 06/2012
Cap 4 SMS 3D Design Method 04/2012
Triple-junction solar cell performance under Fresnel-based concentrators taking into account chromatic aberration and off-axis operation 04/2012
Perfect imaging of three object points with only two analytic lens surfaces in two dimensions 04/2012
On the design of spherical gradient index lenses 04/2012
Extreme super-resolution using the spherical geodesic waveguide 04/2012
The dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler concentrator 04/2012
Analytic free-form lens design in 3D: coupling three ray sets using two lens surfaces.  04/2012
Super-resolution properties of the Spherical Geodesic Waveguides using the perfect drain 04/2012
On-site measurement of limiting subcell in multijunction solar devices 04/2012
Freeform Optical Surfaces: Report from OSA’s First Incubator Meeting 02/2012
Analytic design method for optimal imaging: coupling three ray sets using two free-form lens profiles.  02/2012
LED backlight designs with the flow-line methods 01/2012
Dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler: a novel high performance optical concentrator 01/2012
Cap 3 Squeezing the étendue 01/2012
Super-resolution for a point source better than /500 using positive refraction 12/2011
Super-resolution Properties of the Maxwell Fish-Eyes 10/2011
Design of a compact objective for SWIR applications 09/2011
Advances in the SMS design method for imaging optics 09/2011
Imaging systems application of multichannel configurations 09/2011
Shaping light with unconventional sources 09/2011
Spiral optical designs for nonimaging applications 09/2011
Metal-less V-groove RXI collimator 09/2011
Solid catadioptric telephoto lens design with SMS method 09/2011
Freeform Fresnel RXI-RR Köhler design with spectrum-splitting for photovoltaics 09/2011
Progress in the SMS design method for imaging optics 08/2011
High-efficiency Köhler photovoltaic concentrators with external light confinement 08/2011
Free-form Fresnel RXI-RR Köhler design for high-concentration photovoltaics with spectrum-splitting 08/2011
Design, manufacturing and measurements of a metal-less V-groove RXI collimator 08/2011
Ultra-compact SWIR telephoto lens design with SMS method 08/2011
Novel free-form optical surface design with spiral symmetry 08/2011
Spiral nonimaging optical designs 08/2011
Integrating tracking in concentrating photovoltaics using non-rotational symmetric laterally moving optics 08/2011
Free-form V-groove reflector design with the SMS method in three dimensions 07/2011
High Concentration Photovoltaics: Design and Manufacturing Challenges 05/2011
Towards 35% Efficient Concentrator Modules based on LPI Kohler Concentrators with External Confinement Cavities 04/2011
Progress in FK Concentrators 04/2011
Performance Modeling of Fresnel‐Based CPV Systems: Effects of Deformations under Real Operation Conditions 04/2011
Ultra‐High Efficiency, High‐Concentration PV System Based On Spectral Division Between GaInP∕GaInAs∕Ge And BPC Silicon Cells 04/2011
New Optical Designs for LEDS 03/2011
Perfect drain for the Maxwell Fish Eye lens 02/2011
TIR RXI collimator 01/2011
Perfect imaging with geodesic waveguides 12/2010
High performance Fresnel-based photovoltaic concentrator 04/2010
Novel nonimaging designs: Multichanneling 01/2010
An application of the SMS method for imaging designs 12/2009
Free-form Optics for Illumination 01/2009

High Performance Concentration PV Module

Experimental installation of two High Performance Concentration Photo Voltaic panels 12.5 kW each to test long term performance of two types of high performance conversion cells.

Spectro radiometer

Spectro-radiometer (GS 1252 Light Tec Spectroradiometer Gamma Scientific).

Measurement of spectrum of the light source.

Solar Tracker

Automatic Solar tracking Equipement.

  • High precission
  • Suitable for test and measurement of concentration photo-voltaic modules.

Profilometer MICROMEASURE 2

Surface roughness measurement

Profilometer (MICROMEASURE 2. 3D Measuring system. Light Tec. Stil)

Optical Engineering LAB

Analysis of the quality of lenses and mirrors manufacturing Complete characterization of light sources Characterization of optical properties of materials

Máquina de termo formación FORMECH 450.

- Allows plastic molding from a mold (3d printing, milling).

- Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm, 300mm x 300mm – 150mm x 150mm

ABS 3D Printer model MakerBot REPLICATOR 2X

Resolution of 100 microns and dual print head works in two colors.

Prototyping in ABS plastic.

Size of tank: 210x210x205 mm

Impresora 3D en color de polvo de resina modelo ZCORP 510.

Manufacturing system by layers.

Special high resolution Plaster (resin) with color binder.

Allows impressions of objects in color with resolutions of 330 dpi in all three axes.

Torno Maqelec Mod M2B/550

Multifunctional with drill for metal lathe work up to 550 mm.

Drill combined stationary.

Desktop 3D Laser scaner

For parts of medium and small size

For smaller objects 20 cm diameter 3D profile is obtained to within 1 micron

Scanner Laser 3D LDI Surveyor CS

Scanner Laser 3D LDI Surveyor CS

For large pieces.

You can scan objects larger than one meter in diameter with accuracy of less than 10 microns.

Battenfeld 350PLUS plastic inyection machine.

Battenfeld Plus 350V/75V Unilog 1020 injector  

Small volume and high precision.

Injection molding.

Mass production of plastic materials with complicated shapes.. 

Digital Manufacturing Lab

Space of objects production that groups equipment and latest machines that allow promote creativity, minimize design cycles and improve the process of creating new products objects.

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