Funding Entity: 

The HDTV was a project financed by Comunidad de Madrid in 2006. It belongs to the funding program: Fomento de la innovación y el Desarrollo tecnológico en el Sector de las Tecnologías de la Información de la Consejería de Economía e Innovación Tecnológica.

Start Date: 
Sunday, 1 January 2006
Ultra compact projection system for HDTV.

Development of a prototype of an optical system that later will be connected to a HDTV projector in order to reduce the distance between the projector and the image projected.  

In this Project a prototype of an external optical system composed of two mirrors will be developed. This optical system will later be incorporated in a HDTV projection system. We are interested in a polymeric prototype easy to build by means of mass production techniques where injection molding machines are used.  The project will be divided into three parts: study of the manufacturing processes, design of the prototype and prototype validation.

The final aim is to use our prototype together with a conventional projector in order to obtain an ultra-compact projection system for High Definition Television (HDTV).