Analytic design method for optimal imaging: coupling three ray sets using two free-form lens profiles. 


In this work, a new two-dimensional optics design method is proposed that enables the coupling of three ray sets with two lens surfaces. The method is especially important for optical systems designed for wide field of view and with clearly separated optical surfaces. Fermat’s principle is used to deduce a set of functional differential equations fully describing the entire optical system. The presented general analytic solution makes it possible to calculate the lens profiles. Ray tracing results for calculated 15th order Taylor polynomials describing the lens profiles demonstrate excellent imaging performance and the versatility of this new analytic design method.

Publication type: 
JRC-SCI Magazine
Published in: 
Optics Express Vol. 20, 5  pp.5576 – 5585
Publication date: 
February 2012
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Fabian Duerr, Youri Meuret, and Hugo Thienpont