Super-resolution Properties of the Maxwell Fish-Eyes


In this paper we present an analysis that shows the Maxwell Fish Eye (MFE) only has super-resolution property for some particular frequencies (for other frequencies, the MFE behaves as conventional imaging lens). These frequencies are directly connected with the Schumann resonance frequencies of spherical symmetric systems. The analysis have been done using a thin spherical waveguide (two concentric spheres with constant index between them), which is a dual form of the MFE (the electrical fields in the MFE can be mapped into the radial electrical fields in the spherical waveguide). In the spherical waveguide the fields are guided inside the space between the concentric spheres. A microwave circuit comprising three elements: the spherical waveguide, the source and the receiver (two coaxial cables) is designed in COMSOL. The super-resolution is demonstrated by calculation of Scaterring (S) parameters for different position of the coaxial cables and different frequencies of the input signal.

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COMSOL Conference 2011 Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Germany. Proceedings CD of the COMSOL Conference 2011
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October 2011
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