Development and characterization of an FK photovoltaic concentrator for maximum conversion efficiency


The outdoor measurements of a single-cell concentrator PV module reaching a regressed 35.6% efficiency and a maximum peak efficiency of 36.0% (both corrected @Tcell=25ºC) are presented. This is the result of the joint effort by LPI and Solar Junction to demonstrate the potential of combining their respective state-of-the-art concentrator optics and solar cells. The LPI concentrator used is an FK, which is an advanced nonimaging concentrator using 4-channel Köhler homogenization, with a primary Fresnel lens and a refractive secondary made of glass. Solar Junction’s cell is a triplejunction solar cell with the A-SLAMTM architecture using dilute-nitrides.

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High and Low Concentrator Systems for Solar Electric Applications VIII San Diego, CA, USA. Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8821-16
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August 2013
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Juan F. Vilaplana