Free-form optics for Fresnel-lens-based photovoltaic concentrators


The Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) promise relies upon the use of high-efficiency triple-junction solar cells (with proven efficiencies of over 44%) and upon high-performance optics that allow for high concentration concurrent with relaxed manufacturing tolerances (all key elements for low-cost mass production). Additionally, uniform illumination is highly desirable for efficiency and reliability reasons. All of these features have to be achieved with inexpensive optics containing only a few (in general no more than 2) optical elements. In this paper we show that the degrees of freedom using free-forms allow the introduction of multiple functionalities required for CPV with just 2 optical elements, one of which is a Fresnel lens.

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JRC-SCI Magazine
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Optics Express  Sección: RENEWABLE ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT (INVITATION ONLY) Vol 21, 3,  Pp.: A494–A502
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May 2013
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Rubén Mohedano