Optics for Virtual Reality: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Plenary Talk.


Virtual Reality aims to become a new multimedia platform thanks to the advent of high-quality affordable headsets. However, mass adoption of VR technology will probably need to overcome multiple technological challenges, many of them limited by the conventional optics used today. Dramatically reducing its size and weight, increasing its resolution up to the human visual acuity, matching vergence and accommodation, will require novel optical designs and displays. This talk will describe the design constraints and parameters, present commercial architectures as well as the most promising solutions that are facing the future challenges.

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Dissertation by Invitation
Special Participation
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SPIE Optical Systems Design 2018, Plenary talk. Conference 10690-I. Illumination Optics V, Advances in Optical Thin Films VI, Optical Design and Engineering VII, Optical Instrument Science, Technology, and Applications, Paper 10690-502. Frankfurt, Germany
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May 2018
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J. López, Eduardo Pérez, Julio Chaves, Rubén Mohedano