Simultaneous calculation of three optical surfaces in the 3D SMS freeform RXI optic 


We present an improved version of the SMS 3D Freeform RXI in which an additional surface is calculated during the design, so that three optical surfaces, instead of two, are computed simultaneously. With this addition, the RXI can couple three input wavefronts onto three output wavefronts (one pair more with respect to the previous version). The enhanced control over ray beams allows for improved light homogeneity and beam definition, and, in applications such as Automotive Lighting, permits to preserve the optical performance also when the shape and the size of the optics are limited by car design constraints.

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Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration XIII, Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Nonimaging Optics. Freeform and Illumination Optics I, San Diego, California, USA
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August 2016
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Simone Sorgato , Julio Cesar Pinto Chaves, Hugo Thienpont, Fabian Duerr