FV 1000x

The FV 1000x project was done in collaboration with LPI Europe (Light Prescriptions Innovators). It was financed by el Plan de Innovación empresarial del IMADE in 2008.

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 1 January 2008
Research on new FV 1000x concentrators which are used together with high efficiency solar cells.

Study of XR concentrators with a high level of solar light concentration (1000x) and high angular tolerance, all of that will be done in order to obtain high efficiency optical systems.


The aim of FV 1000x project is to acquire the basic knowledge in order to develop high efficiency photovoltaic concentrating systems. Three types of XR solar concentrators will be analyzed; all of them with a high concentrating ratio and high angular tolerance.  These solar concentrators improve considerably the features of the current concentrating systems. The project comes up from the necessity to reduce the cost of the solar energy. Despite being one of most extended renewable energies, it is foreseen that the growth of solar energy will slow down due to the impossibility to reduce its production cost. In order to avoid that, high concentration photovoltaic systems and high efficiency solar cells are being considered and studied at present.